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With 20+ Years Experience, Pro Trader Cameron Fous Teaches how to become a god like trader. You will be like Neo in The Matrix. Everything will become clear. No guessing. JUST PROFITING! Which can result in more free time, more cash, more toys, & more travel!


Learn How To Dominate Crypto & FX in 2023

With 17 Year Professional Trader, Cameron Fous. NO BS! No Wasted Time! Learn Only What Matters


Cameron FOUs

NO BS! No Wasted Time! Learn Only What Matters




see what the Krypton community has to say:


“No BS”

You inspired me to even start this journey, one of the most consistent and transparent traders who’s also shown once you have the tools, you can crush any market! We appreciate you Fous!!


“No BS”

I Watch and listen to you because I can relate to you. Straight talking and no BS.

Callum Howells

“No BS”

You have definitely helped me bro with some harsh truth to what I needed to hear. Most people only look for what they want to hear not what they need to hear. You have helped me become a better trader.


“No BS”

No Bullshit 2. Up your own arse a bit but tbh that’s just confidence for you. 3. Lives life to the fullest. 4. You’ve helped me manage trades better!


“No BS”

I love the fact that you don’t sugarcoat on anything. You’re honest, straight to the point, you don’t give a sh*t what people think of you. Oh can’t forget, the fact that you back up everything you way. OG Cam 😎.


“No BS”

Down to earth person who gives a realistic prospective of how a trader should trade and the fact that you chose to live in Bali in a minimalistic way of lifestyle says a lot about your quality as a human being! Keep up the great work man!!


“No BS”

Honest, genuine, straight to the point, good calls.

Gaz Ward

“No BS”

Now I have started trading I have purchased your learning material. You respect people who are having a go no matter their struggle, you listen which is an essential skill for a great leader, teacher etc. You’re one of 1 of the leading traders I will listen too, the rest are noise!


“No BS”

To make it short, you inspired me to make a sh*tload of $$. And your calls tends to happen 90% of the time.

Danny Walker

“No BS”

Absolute bang on point. Never listens to the narrative always practiced what you preached. Listen to the charts when they start talking Awesome to learn from and correct “most” of the time. As this is trading after all! And you never hide that fact.